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It has been extremely enjoyable for me to write this Auction Inspector review. Writing helpful reviews about eBay tools is not always easy because a tool or resource’s value depends on the person who uses it. That person’s knowledge, preferences, background, and experience all play into how well a tool works for them.

It is also impossible for anyone to know for sure whether a particular resource or tool will actually benefit them. They have to try it first. This review will hopefully let you have some insight into this tool, how it works, and what it offers.

I’ve been looking for a great eBay tool for a while and have tried dozens of them in my search. After searching for a while some tools, especially market research ones, start looking alike. In fact, the majority of best-known eBay tools for market research have similar data that is just presented differently.

I had never tried this tool before I did this Auction Inspector review. When I first heard of it, I was told that it was similar to all the other market research tools for eBay. I did not believe I was missing a thing, but I had been told wrong and I was very wrong.

What I’m trying to say in this  review is that the Auction Inspector tool is in no way one of the standard tools for eBay market research. It uses data that is completely different than most of the other tools and approaches the process of eBay products research in a brand new way.

I was amazed as I began this  review.  I didn’t know that a tool like this existed but its value was apparent to me immediately. While I was ashamed that I had not thought of doing my eBay research in this way already, I was more delighted by the fact that Auction Inspector had done more than just thought about how to research but had already implemented it.

The main thing which sets Auction Inspector apart from the other research tools for eBay out there is that data is not drawn from ended or current listings on eBay. The data is instead taken from the Want It Now board on eBay, which is relatively new.

When I first tried it, I was skeptical as to whether the data would accurately indicate the current supply and demand that existed on eBay. I was also skeptical as to whether or not it would be able to point out the niches that were strong and viable. Yet with the 60-day guarantee that is offered by Auction Inspector, you can’t really go wrong. You can get your money back if you don’t find a market that’s profitable in 60 days.

For me, that was a no-brainer. I could try it and it works or I could try and get my money back.

This is the way that Auction Inspector works: 

First, select the eBay site that you want to research. Your options are the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada.

Then type a keyword phrase that is one to five keywords long or select a category for your research.

Now you just wait for the Auction Inspector to generate the results after it searches the Want It Now board.

It is as easy as it sounds. The results generated by Auction Inspector are ranked for you, in order of potential. If products have low potential, this means that there isn’t sufficient demand for them to be worth much or that there are too many of them already. High potential products are not too competitive (yes, they exist) and have sufficient demand.

I am glad that I wrote this  review, or I may never have known what a wonderful tool Auction Inspector is. Try it out and see for yourself!

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