Website Reviewed: Auction Profit Streams Website

I was pretty impressed with the creator of this program. John Thornhill is not like the typical eBay “gurus”. He reveals his actual eBay user ID and actually shows you his million dollar eBay business from the inside out. I have never seen anyone share their user ID when they are selling a product to help people with eBay.

That alone makes it seem this is a great tool for making a good profit on eBay doesn’t it? Let’s look into it further.

What is this program about? 

The philosophy of this program is very different from most other programs. Instead of focusing on one niche, the program believes that eBay sellers should have many various sources of income. This creates a good amount of profit coming in. Step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow are in John Thornhill’s eBook that explains this profit grabbing and unique method.

The first difference you will notice with John Thornhill’s system is that selling on eBay is recommended but not in the way that most people start out. For example, instead of selling tangible products like everyone else does, you will sell eBooks and other electronic information when you use the Auction Profit Streams method.

This gives sellers some incredible advantages. One advantage is not having to buy and then store inventory. Another great advantage is that you will be able to buy or make a product one time, then be able to sell it hundreds of times!

Auction Profit Stream has another benefit and that is the fact your business will run on autopilot after you have it set up. This can potentially generate you thousands of dollars a month while you sit back, relax, and collect the money.

The following topics are  covered by :

Creating your own information product that you can sell on eBay

How to market and build a targeted list of people who will buy your eBook

Information about resale rights

Why you should have several income streams instead of focusing on one niche

How to write titles that will attract buyers for your eBook

Using other people’s projects to make money

Selling tips to make selling your eBook on eBay a success

You may have used an eBook or a roadmap course that is similar to Auction Profit Stream but you will find something different with this program. Namely that it really does show you every step in very clear detail. You won’t just get ideas, you will actually get the knowledge to use those ideas.

Just for an example, he shows you how important it is to build and then maintain a mailing list. After that, you are given information and tips about how you can start building your own. This is very important because the list is used as a sales base for your business.

He also explains why you should protect your eBay feedback. The new feedback system on eBay has made it easy for buyers to research sellers before they buy anything from them. There are two reasons that this is a great system. For one thing, it’s hard to manipulate the system and for another, customer service standards are raised on eBay. It can mean a great deal of work to keep feedback scores high for sellers, and “the customer is always right” is very important. If you want more buyers who trust what you sell and want to be in the top of search engine rankings, you have to keep a good feedback score.

There are some fantastic tips on keeping buyers happy in the program and buyers will keep coming back.

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If you’re a serious seller who doesn’t want to follow the traditional way of making money on eBay, this is an excellent opportunity to try something new.

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