The days of owning your own business by renting a storefront and investing all your money in inventory for your shelves are no longer the norm.

Today the independent business owner can start up their company with a virtual online business that requires no rent and no large amounts of money tied up in inventory that sits on shelves waiting to be purchased during business hours.

The online auction site ebay has made it easy for thousands of people to go into business for themselves and to be independently able to manage their time and their income with the selling of all kinds of items on ebay.

So just what are the best items to sell on ebay?

There are several categories of item that are continuously at the top of the best seller lists and the things that drive their buyers are generally collectible value of their items.

For those who keep an eye on the best items to sell on ebay, one thing tends to stand out and that is a fan base for the item that will drive the demand and keep bidders competing to win the item. Popular famous people and items related to them are frequently the categories of items that get the consistently highest bids and have the collectors always searching for that next listing that can net them their treasure.

Autographed photos of the celebrity, be they a sports figure or a movie star are always in demand as are possessions that once belonged to the famous person. For the items that are most in demand, certificates of authenticity are an element of the listing that must be included so that the buyer is confident they are spending their money for something that is genuine.

The independent business person who chooses to market the best items to sell on ebay will spend their time visiting the sites that can bring them their inventory to sell. Fan conventions and other local gatherings that are held in their area can glean them some treasures as can the collector section of antique stores.

The constant monitoring of what is selling best can be done with online searches and ebay Pulse page checks so that the offerings are always fresh and relevant to what fans want to buy.

Knowing what the best items that are selling on ebay ebay are takes a little bit of investigation and some hunting for those bargains that can be listed as your auctions, but the rewards can be many.

The contacts you can make at the fan conventions are valuable and there are many sites on the net where people trade and connect with others who have the same interests. As a seller who wants to make their bidders happy, it is helpful to keep current with what the market is seeking.

The best itemsthat you can sell  to sell on ebay can change as time goes by and the most successful sellers are flexible and able to adapt to the changing market in order to always offer the most in demand items for auction.