Every season sees another new collection being released by the top designers and many women are eager to get a look at the latest offerings in the handbag category.

For every day use and for special occasions, it is a pleasure to have a selection of designer wholesale handbags from which to choose when you are creating your ensemble for any occasion.

Those who are smart shoppers know that there is no reason to pay full retail price when getting the latest styles. These well made and great looking fashion accessories are something that are both practical and luxurious and they can be found for very reasonable prices by shopping online.

The market for designer handbags is growing as savvy shoppers learn the best online sites to grow their personal collections.

When matching the handbag to the outfit, there is the practical consideration of style and color. These factors play into how the bag will look and how it will complement the entire styled look, but the practical aspect of the bag is another thing to consider.

The option of buying the purses you collect for wholesale prices means that you can get more options for your collection and you can get the most practical ones for each purpose.

For daily use, the  handbags that are well made and more roomy are the best choice. Interior compartments that zip and pockets that can hold things like keys and mobile phone are necessary and if the bag also has some outer compartments that close securely, this is a practical feature to look for as well.

Often there are great little areas in each bag that can be perfect to hold the daily necessities such as makeup and even a water bottle if the bag is large enough.

For special occasions and evening use, the designer handbags are another sort of style. Clutches here replace the larger shoulder bags and if they are worn on the shoulder, it may be with a delicate chain and not a leather strap.

The space for things like your tablet computer or water bottle is not something an evening bag would require, but it would certainly need to accommodate things like your mobile phone, a small mirror, a lipstick and your driver’s license, credit card and some cash.

These smaller and more formal options are a great way to leverage the wholesale prices because they are used less frequently and it makes sense to get them for the best possible price.

Buying high quality designer wholesale handbags makes good sense. Trends change and styles are frequently being updated with each season. Buying a top quality piece for your collection means that you can use it for many years and then sell it as a consigned item or online as an auction item once you are ready to replace it with something more current.

Wise fashion shoppers know about the ways to spend less and get the best for their money so they can always look chic from head to toe.