The world of online auctions is one that has grown in popularity over the past decade and now that nearly everyone has some kind of internet ready device, the auction sales are more accessible than ever before.

Making money off of household items that used to be sold at yard sales or even donated to charity is now possible because the old saying is very true, one man’s trash is another mans’s treasure.

The process of listing your items for sale on the auction site ebay can be a bit intimidating for some people. Those who are perhaps not so internet or computer savvy or those who are just too busy to take the time to create an eye catching listing can find another way to turn their items into cash.

The ebay drop off stores allow people who have items for sale to drop them off as the name says, and to allow the store to do all of the work of creating the listing and posting the item on the online auction site.

There are some clear advantages to using the middle step of the ebay drop off stores and the main one is savings of time. Those sellers who have traditionally used the easiest methods to move their excess items have never had to spend any time photographing or writing about their items.

The days when they used to just put them out for charity or drop them off at a local shop were simple and the idea of doing the listing that is required and learning the entire ebay seller process may not appeal to them.

The concept of the drop off  stores is much like the consignment shops that everyone is familiar with. The items that you wish to sell are brought in to the shop and the staff there will look at each item, deciding if it is suitable to be listed on the auction site.

Once the items that are accepted to be listed are accepted, the owner of the items will sign a contract that lists each of the items so that there is something on paper which can be agreed upon, this is a business arrangement and the paperwork is an important step.

Some of the ebay  stores will ask for payment of a fee when items are left there, others will take a percentage of the sale price if the items sell and they will also deduct the ebay fees from the amount that is paid out after the sale.

Using the ebasf stores turns online auction money making into the same level of simplicity as using any consignment shop. The fact that you as the seller will not get paid unless and until your items sell is another element that makes them much like the traditional consignment arrangements.

Most stores will also require that you come to retrieve your unsold items within a specific time frame after the auction listing has ended as well. Turn your unwanted items into cash with the ease of an online auction drop off store and leave the work to the professionals.