Nearly everyone has some familiarity with the online auction site ebay and the appeal of the site is that your household items can be converted to ready cash by being listed on the internet for sale to anyone, not just put out on your driveway during a yard sale for the local buyers to choose.

The allure of the easy income and the fact that this job requires just a little time and patience on the computer make it important to know how to sell things on ebay.

The first step in selling your items on the auction site is to register for an account. Go to the site for ebay and choose the option on the ebay home page called “sell”, this will begin the listing process for your item and you follow it step by step to get your first listing online.

You are now learning how to sell things on ebay!

For your first auction as a seller, start with something that is easy to pack and ship and easy to describe. Once you have chosen your item, take at least one digital photo of it, making sure that the item is alone in the picture, preferably on an empty surface so that it is the only thing you are photographing. Once you have the digital photo of your item in your computer, you can begin the listing process.

The first step in  selling on ebay is selecting the category in which the item will be listed. This is important so that buyers on the site can locate your listing when they are looking for that type of item. It is usually not a good idea to choose to list your auction in more than one category, it can increase the fees you are charged by the auction site.

Next, you will give the auction listing a title. This is your chance to be sure that all the people searching for your type of item will find your auction in their results. Be sure to include all details of any model number, year or specifics that will make your auction stand out. If your item is in brand new condition and still in the original packaging, the ‘BNIB’ abbreviation will tell savvy shoppers that it is “brand new in box”.

These tips can be found online in learning how to sell things on ebay and can make your auction title as informative as possible.

Those who know ebay selling know that the photo can be the selling point for many buyers. Adding the option of a gallery thumbnail photo allows the results page to show a small version of your picture and can draw more buyers to your page.

Follow the rest of the steps on the page, adding a clear description, specifying the duration of the auction and the method of payment accepted. Registering for Paypal can make payment instant and put safeguards in place to protect both the buyer and the seller.

Finally, when the item sells, be sure to pack it carefully and ship it immediately to ensure good feedback and a good reputation as a seller on ebay.