Everyone who wants to make money selling on eBay has the same desire to learn useful tips for accomplishing this goal.  There are many differing opinions about making money on eBay, but the tips here are the top three most useful things you will need to utilize if you want your auctions to go smoothly and result in a good payday for you.

First, avoid the high-risk categories.  There are endless selling categories for eBay to facilitate all kinds of products that are auctioned off there.  If you are a new seller, high-risk categories will be too daunting at first.

These are considered categories that are highly competitive or historically problematic for sellers.  According to eBay itself, as well as PayPal, the top riskiest category on eBay is that of electronics.

Within this category, you may find cell phones, cameras, computers, and video game consoles.  These are highly desirable, so bidding can be fierce from potential buyers.  To prevent getting mixed up in that, avoid it until you have a firm grasp on making money selling on eBay.

The next topic for making money successfully on eBay is to know where to obtain your products from that you are selling.  Many sellers have a strong financial situation and are simply seeking to expand the success they already have.  These kinds of sellers can obtain their products in bulk, paying a large investment for what they plan to sell, but obtaining the goods at discounted prices per unit because of the bulk purchase.

Wholesaling may work once you have enough capital, but you may need to take a different approach as you begin to learn how to make money selling with eBay.  Consider contacting manufacturers directly, acting as a trade assistant for other people, or establishing a formal eBay business for local merchants to sell through.

The last tip for learning to make money on eBay is to watch how much you spend on gathering your inventory to sell.  Many eBay sellers think the more they sell, the more money they will make.

However, because of issues like commissions that eBay takes from your sales and the cost of obtaining the goods you turn around and sell, you could end up not making as much as you would like.  You might choose instead to watch for really good deals on obtaining merchandise, then turn around and sell only a handful of items for a more lucrative profit.