Sunglasses are some of the hottest selling items on eBay, allowing those who sell wholesale Oakley sunglasses in this way to make a full-time job out of it.

The only problem for beginners trying to get into this business is not knowing where to find them. If you need some help with finding a wholesale sunglasses supplier, here are some great ideas to help you out.

Check into supplier directories. Thousands of sellers today utilize the convenience of these directories to get in touch with wholesale sunglasses suppliers. The best of these directories greatly simplify the process of reaching a supplier. To help you find the most useful ones to explore, keep in mind that small directories—those with fewer than 5,000 suppliers—are not likely to be helpful for you.

Free directories should also be avoided because scammers like to take advantage of sellers seeking suppliers. Be sure to only select a verified supplier who sells authentic goods, offers safe payment options, and has a good track record. A specific place you can turn to for wholesale sunglasses is

Visit tradeshows. Not only are fashion and accessory tradeshows fascinating to attend, you may also find your  Oakley sunglasses supplier there. Only authentic suppliers show off their products at tradeshows, so you can do away with your fear of associating with a fraudulent supplier. Those showing off their goods at these events are competing with everyone else there, so are likely to find a very good deal on the supplies you need.

The most likely places you will find these tradeshows being held are in Los Angeles, New York, or other large cities. The limited locations of beneficial tradeshows are the only downside to them. If you choose to attend one, be sure you are prepared to say no to pushy suppliers.

Avoid the urge to conduct Google searches. These two outlined options are really your best bet for finding wholesale Oakley sunglasses suppliers. Even though Google is to go-to source for finding information on any topic, you may want to avoid it in this situation. The reason is because you open the door to thousands of illegitimate suppliers to tempt you with their seemingly good offers.

Until you become more experienced in identifying the difference between authentic suppliers and the ones who want to take advantage of you, it is advised that you avoid using Google to secure a supply source.