There are many different ways to pursue the concept of working from home. This is a desirable working situation because you can avoid the commute to work, make your own hours, and spend more time with your family.

Have you considered the possibility of learning to sell used books on eBay to make a lucrative profit? Getting your hands on the used books to sell is easy because many people sell them for incredibly cheap prices at garage sales or even give them away.

Local libraries often hold special events where you can buy quality, hardback books for at a very low cost. Flea markets and consignment stores are also great places to look for used books. Of course, this is after you have sold all of your own used books at home.

Once you have a supply of books, you are ready to learn how to sell used books online using eBay or sites like You can determine a good selling price to set on the books by checking You will be able to sell your used books for more if they still have the dust jacket and if the spine is not broken. These books are in the best shape and will go for higher prices when you sell them online.

After you have determined pricing for the books, you need to either obtain an image of the cover online or take a picture of the actual book you have in your possession. The latter option is more desirable so you can prove the good condition of it when you go to sell your used books to buyers who have not seen the book in person.

You may want to consider adding features to your posting, such as the buy it now option, the best price option, and a money-back guarantee. All of these additions will increase the chance you will sell your used books successfully.

A great reason to use eBay or when you go to sell  books is that there is no startup cost or fees required of you to become a seller. If you hope to actually make a great profit with this venture, you should not buy books for more than $1 a piece, unless you are buying an investment piece that is considered to be a very valuable book.

By following these guidelines, you will be well on your way to starting your own at-home used book selling business.