All businesses need to think about supplies and the types of items they sell will dictate the sorts of wrapping product they need to have on hand to package up their customer’s orders after the sale.

For those shops that have small items which can be placed into plastic or paper bags, there is a vast array of  shopping bags from which to choose.

The size and the weight of the items being sold is a factor in which bags should be ordered and there are lightweight or very sturdy models of the bags that can be kept on hand to fit the purchases of any customer. The sellers of wholesale shopping bags often have them divided into materials from which they are made and the sizes that are available in each of those categories.

For the retailer who is in the market for these bags, there is always the option of buying them in bulk and plain with a specific desired color or the natural color of the paper, or the store logo can also be custom imprinted on the bags to add an element of advertising to their store packaging.

The paper category of bags are offered by most of the wholesalers in options that include brown or white paper with matte or glossy finishes. The handles are also another choice to be made in the shopping bags category. They can be paper or plastic handles or the popular twisted twine which is also very durable.

In the category of plastic bags is a full array of choices that include the familiar discount store style thin gauge bags or the more durable and heavier gauge plastic bags with the drawstring tops which are more often seen in gift shops. These bags are very re-usable and can have many chances to be of use to the customer who brings them home.

One option that has become more and more popular in recent years is the recycled paper and earth friendly option in wholesale shopping bags. The rustic and “green” environmentally conscious sort of shopping bag is one way to show a commitment to the planet and there is an even more powerful option, although it is generally not given to the customer for no charge, but rather, offered for sale at a low price to the earth conscious customers and that is the cloth or canvas shopping bag.

This category of wholesale shopping bags is nearly always printed with the store name and logo and there is frequently an in store incentive to those customers who bring their own cloth bags back when they come to shop.

A donation is made to a local charity for each bag brought in or a few cents is taken off the customer’s final bill for each cloth bag that was used. This helps to get customers in the habit of remembering their re-usable bags and can help to make a real difference in the amount of paper and plastic waste that finds its way in to the local landfills.