Website Reviewed: Sky High Auctions Website

Before I started with the process of this Sky High Auctions review, I had never used Sky High Auctions before. I knew about it but I wasn’t sure what it had to offer or what its value proposition was.

I was glad to have the chance to find out for myself what this was all about in writing the Sky High Auction review. What I discovered was a very comprehensive and interesting combination of both advanced and basic eBay training. Resources and information about additional topics, mainly related to e-commerce and internet marketing, are also included.

Everything is not content and one of the largest obstacles that new and experienced eBay sellers have to deal with is how they get through the huge amounts of eBay suggestions, tips, and training courses that are available. It can be hard to find the information that is really significant and important.

Because of this, organization is extremely important, however, and should be mentioned in this Sky High Auctions review. If you are unable to navigate through a wealth of information it is no good to you, no matter how helpful it is.

The Members Home Page’s main focus is the two columns located in the center of the page. The first column has the updates to the training courses. The information in this column is most useful to those who already have finished with the training courses that are on the site.

“Latest eBay News” is the title of the second column. The information is very beneficial, even though a few of the news items that are displayed are a little outdated.

The site’s core, which holds the most important and helpful information, is accessed using the left navigation menu you’ll find on the Members Home Page. The information is extremely valuable, so don’t let the fact that some of it is organized a little strangely and classified discourage you.

Here is what is contained in Sky High Auctions:

In the lower section on the lefthand navigation menu is a section called “Newsletters”. This section is really more of a list of training documents and tutorials. These cover a wide range of levels, from basic topics such as “What Should You Sell on eBay?” to advanced topics such as “Top Five Importing Tips”. It isn’t clear if the topics are listed at random or in order but you can easily tell the subject matter simply by reading the title.

You will see links that are titled “Members Home” and “Account”. These links will simply reload the page you are on; they don’t go anywhere.

For a list of the most common FAQs, click the link titled “Help Section”.

A great addition to the page is the affiliate option called “Promote Sky High Auctions (Earn $$$)”. This is an option that you should leave until you have finished most of the training courses.

Most of the training and important information you should consider as you read this review is located in the link called “Members Lessons”. These lessons are worth their weight in gold and are the core of the value proposition of Sky High Auctions.

There is also some very valuable information that you will find in the “Bonuses” and “Sky High Vault” sections.

To sum up, this  Review discovered that a lot of very valuable information is found on this site. If you’re serious about your online business and success then you should sign up!

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