There are many trends in being self employed but the most popular recent trend in starting up your own business is to be a seller on the online auction site known as ebay.

There are several approaches to the online auction business, but for those who are serious about making a career out of selling through online auctions, it is much more than just listing your own household knick knacks or last season’s clothing.

The top selling items on ebay are new and in demand things that hold wide appeal and have buyers who are in constant need of the products. The sellers who are making a lucrative career from their online ebay auctions are the ones who have streamlined their operations to include the use of wholesale drop shippers to do the packing and shipping and the seller is the one who creates the listing for the brand new items on which the buyers are bidding.

In order to find out what the current top selling items on ebay are, it is possible to do a bit of research and see what people are visiting the site to find. The ebay site itself has a section called eBay Pulse which will show you the real time most searched for items.

This can be something you check day after day for months in order to see the trends. It is frequently the case that something such as home video gaming systems are the hottest item and all of the accessories and cartridges that go along with them keep them at that top spot.

To create a successful business by selling on eBay, it is helpful to be aware of the Pulse feature and to check it frequently to see where the searches are trending. Once you have this information, it is now the next step to find out how you can begin to be a provider of the top selling products.

Finding out where the best wholesale drop shippers are is a step that can have you being the next seller who is there to fill that need that the searching prospective buyers have.

Achieving success as an ebay seller is the result of many factors. Your listing of an auction and having a reliable supplier are the beginnings of your self employment, but the real key to success is to be responsive to the customers and to always keep an eye on your email messages so that you can answer any questions or concerns promptly.

Your goal in each transaction when you list the top ebay selling items is to keep good feedback and make sure you are keeping the customers or prospective bidders happy.

Always be customer focused and respond to any communication in a professional and friendly manner with an attitude of customer satisfaction, and you will gather great feedback and return customers. This is the key to doing well with your listings of the top selling items and to making a profit as your own boss.